Vietnam is a beautiful country, a tropical country with many advantages for agricultural development. Borned in the countryside to work in agriculture, dear agricultural products have been deeply ingrained in the subconscious. We always want to bring the products of Vietnam homeland to international friends to enjoy. That’s why TAKAGROUP was born and is here to bring wonderful natural gifts to you.

We are constantly improving the quality of preservation and packaging of fruit and vegetable products from our farm. Therefore, TAKAGROUP products are always well received.

TAKAGROUP always wishes to cooperate with your company to bring consumers in your country the opportunity to enjoy the gifts of natural agricultural products bestowed by our beautiful country Vietnam.

We have 10 years experience in plantation Seediness Limebusiness; Sweet Potato and Dragon Fruits. Located in Long An province (45 kms away from Ho Chi Minh city)- an one of the heart sites of the Lime Region and process Lime plantations, we enjoy a favorable transportationnetwork.

At present, we are one of the leader A-Z Processing warehouses on Seedness Lime in Long An Province and have been supplying to almost trading companies for exporting to so many countries so far especially Asia and Europe Countries.